We all feel it. We all suffer from it. It is the enemy. It is to be destroyed and it is inside us. But it's not us. Time and time again, one of my favorite authors - Stephen Pressfield has been telling us about to our biggest enemies as creatives - Resistance.

Resistance is the self-sabotaging tendencies people like us have.

Resistance is the fear of failure and success alike that paralyzes us.

Resistance is the procrastination that gets us to spend time binge-watching videos on youtube about getting things done instead of getting things done.

Resistance is the arrogance, the self-doubt and that rationalizing idiot inside our brain that gives us permission to waste our valuable time.

I suffer from it and I know you do too. We all do.

It is not just troubling, It is deadly. It's there to kill you. It has been killing us and other ambitious people around us. We see people around who have hopes and dreams for a better future but are spending their time drinking, compulsively smoking, drugs, partying, gaming, hooked on reality TV shows and straight out abusing themselves. Good people, killed by resistance.

It's okay to do some of those things as an escapism - but as a compulsion, they all kill your hopes and dreams. I love my superheroes movies and shows but as long as we are doing them out of resistance there are absolutely ZERO chances of us achieving our dreams.

No life-hack, tips, tricks or degrees can make resistance go away. It will always be there in everyone. I don't care if you are the CEO of the biggest company on earth or most successful film-maker. I refuse to believe that you don't feel it. And you feel it strong. We are never to under-estimate it. It is a powerful enemy. One that can slice your dreams in half with a stare.

But we can beat it. With our commitment, consciousness and respect towards our enemy, we can win the fight. We can achieve that mental-toughness, focus, self-motivation and self-discipline required to live a free life and get things done.

A Few things to keep in mind:

  1. The more the work you are doing matters to you, the more resistance you will feel towards it.
  2. Never Judge your work while performing it.
  3. The privilage to do your work should be the biggest reward you feel for doing it. Everything else is secondary rewards.