As an Introvert, I do not like to talk much. Specially about myself. But I love talking about ideas, morality and philosophy. So, All I am sharing with you in this page are things I believe in instead of boring you with my life story.

My Views and Values

  • Personal and Professional Freedom are the most important assets you can have. Don't sell them for any price.
  • Nothing is ever free of cost. Currencies may be different.
  • If you have not achieved your goals, it means you have not paid the price for it to the Universe yet. Pay the price first, you can achieve anything you aim for regardless of your background.
  • In most ventures, failure is a natural way to success. Whoever doesn't give up, wins the game.
  • Short-term sacrifices for long-term success is a great strategy to live life.
  • It does not matter what sort of spirituality or religious belief you have. But for wellbeing's sake, I recommend having some interest in those things but never get radical in any direction. Maybe, just treat them like fiction or historical stories.
  • Living sensibly is important but sometimes you have to go crazy when you are following your dreams.